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The Multicultural Center shall stay in the Union


While the Michigan State University administration hasn’t considered building a separate Multicultural Center, the groups involved are being offered renovated space on the second floor of the Union for fall semester 2013, an improvement over their current space in the basement of the Union.

Pam McFadden the director of the center said she’s happy the MSU listened to their demand and is doing something about it.

“It’s not what we particular wanted, but it’s a step closer, “McFadden said.

The new space on the second floor of the Union will be a new start for the center which was in the basement in the Union since its opening in 1999.

At its new location, the Multicultural Center will have more space for students and their activities. McFadden said that the renovation will be particularly beneficial for their annual study-ins.

The study-ins during finals week feature tutors on site for many classes and also food and beverages. The center started the program because of overcrowding at the library and study lounges.

“The study-in will be able to hold everyone and we won’t have to turn anyone around due to space, “McFadden said.

The renovation is scheduled for the 2013-2014 school years, along with other additional Union renovations.


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                                                                     Warm winter keep ice cream sales up

The weather this winter has given the local ice cream shops around East Lansing something to be happy about. Their ice cream sales are up nearly 50 percent because of the unusual warm temperatures. Michigan’s temperature is usually 30 degrees or less in November, but recently it has been 50 degrees and above.

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                  Recent Weather Temperature (NBC Michigan)


Michigan State University Dairy Store manager John Engstrom said, “The warm fall we had this year kept sales up which would normally be down this year.


The MSU Dairy Store normally sells cheese which doesn’t generate as much income as their ice cream. During winters, the MSU Dairy Store serves hot beverages, soups, and sandwiches to compensate for the loss of their number-one-selling item, which is ice cream.


The local Coldstone Creamery is also reaping the benefits of the warm weather this fall. Store manager Angela Wright said she has been seeing more students coming in because of the warm weather that East Lansing has enjoying.


Wright said that during the colder days, they push mostly their cakes and cookies. This winter the items couldn’t stay on the shelves. People were eating more ice cream cakes this fall than ever before.

The MSU Dairy Store and Coldstone Creamery are not the only ice cream shops that have problems selling during past fall and winter months. Spagnuolo’s Ice Cream Parlor on Abbot Rd. has experiences an annual slump in sales during the fall and winter. Store manager Aaron Faif said that this fall had their parlor jammed packed during this fall.

These ice cream stores have a lot to rejoice about since it already December, and we haven’t seen a hint of snow.